Industries Served & How We Help Them


A very diverse sector from medical devices to payers to pharmaceutical companies - we have served them all.  As a result, we have a deeper understanding of the unique ways pharmaceuticals are marketed and knowledge of where to find the rare data needed to close the marketing loop for both health care provider and patient marketing.


Customer acquisition projects remain in high demand in this sector.  Add to that people-based marketing or "Segment of One" work, enabling observation of individual customer behavior.

Media & Telecom

Customer retention is a high priority in this industry – we are able to segment our client’s customers by their demonstrated behaviors to shape services that meet their unique needs. This enables our clients to create the strongest customer bonds.


"Test and Learn" campaign testing (also know as A/B testing), is our strong suit in this sector, but we have also delivered Customer Data Platform projects in this vertical.

Financial Services

We provide segmented analysis to enable clients to customize their marketing, sales and service resource allocation to the customers likely to deliver the most value. We can also provide customized product analysis and recommend regional targets and initiatives.

Travel & Hospitality

In this sector, mid-size hotel chains are perfect for us.  Presently, with online travel agencies taking away loyalty and margins from mid-tier chains, we deliver lookalike customer acquisition programs that intercept customers from competing chains to return that margin.

B2B Industries

While not possessing as many datapoints as consumer-facing firms, there are a range of cases now possible in the B2B space including Customer Lifetime Value predictions and procurement pattern detection to eliminate fraud and purchasing waste.

Human Resources Firms

HR predictive analytics is a rich area of opportunity.  Predicting which employees are likely to attrite and matching outpaced candidates to employment opportunities are two of the highest value options given data privacy concerns and data availability constraints.