Our Clients Love us

CMO of a nearly $2B powersports products company.


"Magnetic Sky is helping us strategize and implement a customer data platform so that we can track the lifecycle and experience of our customers all the way from first consideration to last re-purchase, and every touchpoint in between. Magnetic Sky is doing a great job for us to achieve that goal."

GM of Marketing for a $3B division of a global pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods company


"The team worked with us to develop the positioning of one of our core personal care brands. Their work enabled us to test and choose the most appropriate messaging plank. Using superior technical expertise, and hard work they helped us develop a clear brand mapping in a very competitive marketplace. They are a thoroughly professional team and consistently deliver to exacting timelines and high expectations. I liked the flexibility in their approach that allowed them to bring a customized solution to the table as well."

EVP, Global Supply Chain for a $1B+ print services company

"Magnetic Sky is helping us improve our profitability by dissecting our diverse and complex customer portfolio, calculating historic lifetime value of each customer, and then employing predictive analytics to project each customer’s CLV. We take that projection and reallocate our sales and service resources to best align value provided with value returned. They do this for our current customers and will be doing so as part of the due diligence efforts for each company we acquire as part of our accelerated roll-up strategy. We could not be happier with Magnetic Sky."