Lost in an ocean of data?

Here's how to profit from your data patterns

Evidence-Based Insights.

High Propensity Customers.

Hidden Profits within Operational Efficiencies.

Winning with Predictive Analytics

Growth, byte by byte.

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Emerge triumphant with analytics

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The Magnetic Sky Advantage

Agile, to a whole new level.

Predictive analytics is no place for cookie cutter or ‘good enough’ bench teams. With Magnetic Sky your team is curated to requirements of the industry and application, and built around the exceptional experience and insight of our global team. 

Lean action. Real results.

You get results in weeks, not months, via close, rapid-cycle interaction, and real world testing. We deliver numbers, insights, patterns and campaigns. We do not sell software and we do not generate endless presentations.

Risk (and waste) removed.

Our work is quantifiable, and a percentage of our fees are performance-based. Our solutions are based on the latest technologies. Plus, you don't pay for our R&D investments, you just get optimized results.

About Us

Magnetic Sky is an agile predictive analytics advisory firm of over one hundred analytics experts and technology partners, with an average of 15+ years of industry and use case experience. 

We custom fit each team to each project through our networked and independent consultancy model. This aligns precisely the right talent for our clients, while eliminating excess costs and time delay often associated with firms that carry significant overhead. 

The end result? An efficient alternative to traditional analytics consultancies. Exactly what our clients need to take pragmatic, clear-actioned steps to higher performance through predictive analytics. 

Who We Serve


We focus on mid-market “plus” sized companies seeking an external advisor and analytics team to provide a low-risk, cost effective method of analyzing customer data in order to achieve immediate insights and campaigns. Our client base crosses multiple industries.

Client Promise

Our client promise is to enable our clients to take simple, realistic, clear-actioned steps to higher performance through predictive analytics, turning data ambiguity into pure profit.


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